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Environmental Information


Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation Limited (BVFCL) is located in the South Eastern border   of Dibrugarh district in the far eastern part of Assam. Its latitude and longitude are 27010/N & 95021/E respectively and is situated at an elevation of 123 meters above Mean Sea Level

The name of Hazardous Wastes generated/ stored and its quantities are as given below:

Position  w.r.t. Hazardous Wastes:

Name of the Hazardous Wastes Quantity (as on 31.03.17)

(a) Spent Catalyst
(b) Used Oil
(c) Discarded Lead Acid Batteries

(d) Chromate Sludge
(e) Arsenic Wastes

(f) Waste Oil

201.96 MT
12.37 KL
332 Nos.40930 kg
850 M3Nil

*   The Chromate Sludge generation from blowdown of Cooling Towers employing chromate based treatment system has been totally discontinued with the adoption of non-chromate type polymer based treatment for cooling waters.

**  Generation of Arsenic Sludge has stopped since 1994 with the stopping of operation of Namrup–II plants before revamp. Namrup-II plants have been revamped and restarted in Nov-2005, but arsenic sludge generation has been totally discontinued adopting non-arsenic type Glycin process route.

***  HWs are sold to parties registered and authorized by Central Pollution Control Board.

Hazardous Chemicals Handled and Stored

Chemicals Storage Capacity Max. Quantity Produced/Consumed Licence No. for Horton Sphere
Ammonia (Namrup-III) 1500 MT (Max) 558 MT per day S/HO/AS/03/14 (S1478)
Ammonia (Namrup-II) 1500 MT (Max) 480 MT per day S/HO/AS/03/35 (S1479)
Sulphuric Acid (Purchased only) 80 MT (Namrup-III) &

42 MT (Namrup-II)

Purchased as per requirement —-

* No test is due for the above Ammonia Storage Vessels

Hazardous Wastes: Authorization No: WB/OTWA/HW-43/04-05/54/681 DATED 26.06.14 with validity of next 5 years.


Type of Wastes STOCK

AS ON 31.03.2016

Quantity Generated During 2016-17 Quantity Stored (As on 31.03.17)
Metal Waste   (Spent Catalyst) 201.96 MT Nil 201.96 MT
Used Oil 30.745  KL 1.125  KL 12.37 KL

(Disposed 19.50 KL)

Waste Oil 5.00 KL 10.00 KL Nil

(Disposed 15.00 KL)

Chromate Waste 40.929 MT
Arsenic Waste 850.00 M3
Discarded  Lead Acid Batteries 315 17 332 Nos.


Sub-Soil Water Near  Hazardous Waste  Storage Site (as on 31.03.17)

pH 6.5 – 6.8
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (average) 50
Chromate NIL
Arsenic NIL


On-Site Emergency Plan & Mutual Aid Scheme Updated  &  in operation


Policy Under PLI Act : NIC Policy No. : 200402/46/17/1200000005 valid upto 31.03.2018
Consent to Operate under Water and Air Act: WB/DIB/T-200/Pt.-I/14-15/164 dated 15.05.2017 (Valid upto 31.03.2018)