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Project planning for Namrup-I Group of plants was started in the middle of 1960 by Hindustan Chemicals and Fertilizers which was merged with Fertilizer Corporation of India on 1st January 1961. After crossing various hurdles successfully, the foundation stone could be laid on 1st January, 1966 by the then Assam Chief Minister Late B P Chaliha and the factory went into stream in the month of August, 1968. Commercial production, however, commenced from 1st January, 1969 with annual capacity of only 55000 MT of urea and 100000 MT of Ammonium Sulphate. Namrup-I was set up at a cost of Rs. 24.96 crore including foreign exchange of Rs.6.36 crore .


While operation of Namrup -I was in progress , it was found that surplus natural gas would be available in the adjoining Moran-Naharkatia oil fields of M/S. Oil India Limited. Government decided to gainfully utilize this associated natural gas by putting up the 2nd unit of Namrup Fertilizer Plant at a cost of Rs. 74.60 crore including foreign exchange of Rs.23.60 crore.

Namrup -II plant went into commercial production in 1976 with annual capacity of 3,30,000 MT of urea.


The availability of surplus natural gas in the Naharkatia- Moran and Lakwa oil fields led to the addition of the 3rd Unit of Namrup Fertilizer Plant at a cost of Rs. 285.55 crore including Rs. 58.67 crore of foreign exchange. The plant went into commercial production in 1987 with annual capacity of 3,85,000 MT of urea.


The performance of the Units required to be improved mainly due to design related hardware / equipment problems leading to very frequent production outages and losses. Namrup -II was lying idle since 1994 requiring major repair and replacements . Namrup -I and Namrup -III were on stream though ,their performance needed to be improved .

The Revamp Scheme has been finalized on the basis of historical data on the plant performance and equipment break downs. Plant improvement study reports made by various Government Committees and Engineering Contractors also were studied before finalizing the scheme.

The objective of the revamp scheme is to achieve certain minimum level of plant performance for economic operation of the unit within a fixed time schedule and overall project cost estimate.

As such Projects & Development India Limited (PDIL), a leading agency for consultancy services, also a Government of India Undertaking, has been appointed as the principal contractor with single-point responsibility for consultancy for revamp of Namrup plants. PDIL has taken the assistance of their associate licensors HTAS ,SNAM PROGETTI & GV, in respect of basic Design and Engineering in key areas. The contract between HFCL (Now BVFCL) and PDIL was signed and the effective Date of Contract has been fixed on 2nd November 1998.

The revamp project is now nearing completion and the plants are expected to go into production within this year .



Plant Annual Capacity
Namrup -I 39,600 MT of Ammonia
Namrup -II 2,40,000 MT of Urea
1,44,000 MT of Ammonia
Namrup -III 3,15,000 MT of Urea
1,67,400 MT of Ammonia